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The Argentinean Melodic Hardrockband TOMALO returns with a new CD, which is probably their most professional CD so far. The album ‘Good bites’ contains 15 tracks, which musically goes in a sort of late 80s US kinda sound, not that far away from acts like SLAUGHTER, DOKKEN, RATT, WARRANT, WHITESNAKE, WHITE LION… otherwise said Hair Metal, although people will probably complain about me comparing these bands to each other, but of course they are all different, however, it gives you a good idea of what to expect from TOMALO. Basically they do the kind of stuff almost every US band was doing 15 years ago. It’s a pity, there are some fillers on the album, such as “Too good to be true”, “Stay with me” (annoying drumcomputer disco beat), “Goodbye” (WESTLIFE kinda song) and the ELVIS cover “Heartbreak hotel”, because the band proves they can also make really good high quality Melodic Hardrock, such as the catchy uptempo “No more lonely dreams” (FIREHOUSE meets BON JOVI), “If you find”, “Still dreaming” and “Black mamba”. The CD has its ups and downs, but in general speaking a nice Melodic Hardrockalbum, but then again I need to say that TOMALO could be able to make a much better record if they leave out the weaker tunes and replace them with more stronger material like I mentioned before, because after all they all have the qualities in becoming much bigger in the near future.
(Points: 8.0 out of 10).


Source: Strutter Magazine from The Netherlands. April 2005.