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Out of Argentina comes the band TOMALO, and they play pure late 1980s American orientated Melodic Mainstream Hardrock in the style of FIREHOUSE, DANGER DANGER, DOKKEN, WHITE LION... 11 songs are on their latest CD ‘Play it loud’, which is their 2nd CD so far. The production, artwork and everything is all very professional, so this is definitely a quality band and not just some sort of independent band. Not all the songs are very strong, but here and there we can hear some very good Melodic Hardrock like “She makes me”, “Beth” (KISS cover), “Why?” and “Love is...”. Nice to check out if you’re a fan of big Arena late 80s US orientated Melodic Hardrock, then go to: and e-mail them at:


Source: Strutter Magazine from The Netherlands. August 2004.