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Come to me Argentina!!! Yeah TOMALO, the trio coming out of Argentina, will rock your world. By the looks of the front cover on TOMALO’s new release “Good Bites” you would think this band is hardcore death metal. The front cover has a mother figure and baby with a snake hanging over the mother’s shoulder. The mother’s tongue is licking the babies head. Well, cover’s can be deceiving.

TOMALO brings heart-pounding true heavy metal to their fans. They sound like a mix of DOKKEN and SLAUGHTER with catchy tunes, melodic music, and some down home hard rock. You get fifteen tracks on “Good Bites” and it’s a great product. “To Be Stronger” is an excellent ballad with a hard edge that elevates as the song proceeds. “Gimme Love” gives the feel of POISON's Unskinny Bop.”

It’s kind of funny that when looking at the band pictures as you open the inner sleeve, you see the leader of the band Tute looking like Eric Singer of KISS - he even plays drums. When listening to the tracks you get the feeling that the band admires KISS and many of the vintage bands of the eighties. I like most of the music on the CD; it’s just that at times TOMALO tries to be too melodic sounding. One song will be hard edged and then the next is like “Shandi” from KISS. Will the real TOMALO please stand up?

I am a little disappointed with “Good Bites” as the band needs some work on arrangement. Check out “Too Good To Be True,” I thought at one point that it was the Brian Setzer Orchestra with Tommy Dorsey! There are too many soft songs.

The best song is “Still Dreaming” as it has the flare of Bon Jovi and really shows the true TOMALO. “Still Dreaming” is a killer song and I wish TOMALO would stick to this genre of music. Good luck boys.

Source: Rock Eyez from USA. 2005.