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(Self-released) 2002. 
CD Melodic rock / melodic hard rock / AOR - ARGENTINA.

A very interesting and promising act comes out of Argentina. The name of the group is Tomalo, and their activities dated from the second part of the 90's. Tomalo looks like, and also sounded as a very profesional act.Their album artwork is very interesting, and booklet of CD's sustain lotta' informations. Band perform their own blend of melodic rock/melodic hard rock with clear AOR elements. In that direction, they are pretty original, even that we could feel some influences of golden 80's. In the same trace, their songs sustain similiar productional threathments. Tomalo's materials aren' t maybe comercial enough, but their songs are compact, refined, and packed with style. In every case, band deserve respect, and in my opinion, in forthcoming future the "price" of Argentinians will rich highest level... "


Source: BARIKADA webzine from Bosnia. September 2004.

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