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TOMALO - GoodBites   
(May 2005)

Tomalo before two years have sent me their previous album "Play It Loud”. Now it was the time for their next step which is "Good Bites" and it includes fifteen songs. So, if I am not mistaken this must be their second album. Again this album is a self financed release and don't forget that the band comes from Argentina. Musically the band walks on rock / rock 'n roll and glam rock paths. They have done a very good combination of these influences along with their personal sound, we have these good enough songs on their new album. Their production and the sound are also really good and you can hear all the instruments clearly. The only thing I didn't get its point is their cover; which I found too extreme for a rock release. I will surely ask the band in order to find out why. If you are a fan of glam rock, you can check this album and support the underground musical movement.

Antonis Maglaras

Source: "Behind The Veil" on-line magazine from Greece. 

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