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TOMALO - Play it Loud (Self Financed)   
(Oct. 2004)


Album Line Up
Tute : vocals, drums, keys
Zar : vocals, bass
Niko : guitar, vocals


A band from Argentina? Now that doesn't happen everyday! Tomalo, comes from this country and "Play it loud" is their second album, which they released back in 2002. Tomalo, deliver to us hard rock in the vein of the 80s and influenced from great bands like Firehouse, Dokken and White Lion. So you know... if you like these bands for sure you will love the music from Tomalo. Let's also mention that in the album the band has a cover in a KISS song "Beth".

I strongly support their effort. We all know that Argentina is a country with many problems, but they finally did it and they released this album with their own money and their own power. I don't know if now the band writes songs for their newest album but this one, which is their second, is a really good album with interesting ideas and good songs. For sure it is a good choice for the fans of American mainstream hard rock.

Last but not least, they have a very good concept behind the whole artwork, both cd cover and booklet. Many colors, like the  glam rock releases and a professional product.  Check them out immediately.

Antonis Maglaras

Track list:

1. My turn to rock
2. So hot
3. Ready to fly
4. You need me
5. She wakes me
6. Play it loud
7. Beth
8. Why?
9. Love is
10. Only three words
11. Go down


Source: "The Temple of Metal" on-line magazine from Greece. 

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