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NOMBRE:  Martin Sweet.




BATERIA: Ludwig.


PLATOS: Sabian.

ACCESORIOS: Cencerro Tama “Black Cowbell”.

BAQUETAS: Vater y Pro-Mark.


DEL ALBUM DEBUT:  El Idolo, Adrenalina.

 DEL ALBUM PLAY IT LOUD:  Ready to Fly, Play it Loud, Beth, Love is, Go Down!.

DEL ALBUM OPTIMIZER:  Animal, Poison Heart.

DEL ALBUM GOODBITES:  All Night, Best I can, Gimme Love, Stay with Me, If you Find.

DEL ALBUM HOW TO BE A ROCKSTAR:  From Hell, My Rockshow, One More, Without You, I´m your Fucking God, Beautiful, Everyday, Here comes the Rain, Thanks for Everything, Uno Más.

BANDAS FAVORITAS: Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Wasp, Ratt, Dokken, Stryper, Ozzy, Doro, Warlock, Vixen, Lee Aaron, Frehley´s Comet,  Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Quiet Riot, Keel,  Europe,  Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, Saxon, White Lion, Riff, Rata Blanca, Kamikaze, Riff, etc.

BATERISTAS FAVORITOS: Eric Carr, Eric Singer, Peter Criss, Tommy Lee, Robert Sweet, Randy Castillo, Randy Cooke, Roxy Petrucci, Johnny Dee, Anton Fig, Denni Carmassi, Michael Eurich, Deen Castronovo, Greg D´Angelo, Nick Menza, John Luke He Bert, Steve Riley, Bobby Rock, Bobby Blotzer, Bobby Rondinelli, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Tommy Aldridge, Frankie Banalli, Mick Brown, Herman Rarebell, Nigel Glockler, Stewart Copeland, Willy Muñoz, Gustavo Rowek, Martin Carrizo, Michel Peyronel.

 ALBUMES FAVORITOS: Son muchos mis discos preferidos, pero solamente voy a citar los que me han introducido en la música desde mi niñez: Kiss (Dinasty) y (Dressed To Kill).

ALBUMES FAVORITOS DE KISS:  Dressed to Kill, Alive!, Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, Paul Stanley (solista 1978), Dinasty, Killers, Creatures of the Night, Animalize, Asylum, Crazy Nights, Hot in the Shade, Revenge, Alive III, Carnival of Souls, Unplugged y Psycho Circus.

DVDS MUSICALES:  Eric Singer (All Access to Drumming), Bobby Rock (Metalmorphosis), Kiss (Kissology 1983-1990 Vol. 2), Saxon (Power & the Glory - The Video Anthology, Live Innocence 1985), Lee Aaron (Live in London, Video Collection, 1987-1994), Girlschool (Live From London).

OTRAS ACTIVIDADES: Dibujar y leer.